Nothing really matters, if it is not remembered

From physorg.comResearchers test sugary solution to Alzheimers
(Medical Xpress) -- Slowing or preventing the development of Alzheimer’s disease, a fatal brain condition expected to hit one in 85 people globally by 2050, may be as simple as ensuring a brain protein’s sugar levels are maintained.  [[Complete Article]]
My Grandmother faded away due to Alzheimers many years ago.  In a way I am glad that the disease did not manifest while I was living with her.  It happened after she had moved north and I only heard stories second and third hand.

Alzheimers is one of those diseases that is terrifying.  To lose ones mind like that, and yet not be aware that it is even happening.  Or worse, have moments of lucidity where you know it is happening, but then become lost again.

But what if your past is just a bunch of hazy memories?  No matter if it was twenty years ago, or two weeks ago.  What would happen if you were lost in a maze of fog like that where all that you really knew was just the screen in front of you beaming protons onto your retina, and that was the only reality that existed and all else was just some odd memory or dream that got lost in somebody else's mind?

Or the people around you nothing but projections, only giving the appearance of sentience.  Poorly programmed AIs that work fine if you just let them go about their business in the background, but it is not good to poke or prod too far intellectually because then you start to see the errors in the programming.

You start to think, "If I had designed this particular section of this Constructed Life, then this particular person or event should behave thusly, or trigger a series of IF/THEN variables that either play out more 'realistically' or do not raise so many red flags."

Plus there should always be cheat codes.  Because when you are playing the game, sometimes it just gets boring when you get stuck at a certain point.  Whether it is that you keep dying (either physically, mentally, or spiritually), or like some JRPG you accidentally missed that one chest/artifact/clue somewhere in the level and even though you have seemingly gone through every single inch and talked to every single NPC for some reason that little thing that you missed is blocked by your brain.

So even though you keep going through every aspect, over and over, replaying it through, trying to find that thing you missed, your brain has blocked it.  Created a holographic blind spot so that even if you are looking directly at it, it is not actually there because you cannot see it.  Somewhat like when you are trying to think of a particular word and you are unable to remember it, and yet you can think of every other word that would appear if you looked it up in a thesaurus.

Kind of like that.

That is kind of what life is like for me.

Perhaps we are Machina Deos cum Iners Spiritus...