Pavlovian Responses to Government Installations

Talk about Pavlovian responses to an image.  I was watching a television show and the following image of the entrance to the Cheyenne Mountain entrance came up on the screen:

And which of the following do you think my mind envisioned as coming on-screen next?
  1. A view of the Stargate Command conference room.
  2. Jack O'Neill making a subtle sarcastic comment or remark while Carter rolls her eyes.
  3. Flashing lights and people running around because something has gone horribly wrong with the Stargate, again, while Daniel consults a book unphased by the chaos around him.
  4. Teal'c looking serious, constipated, or both.
  5. None of the above.  (Instead you are confronted by the wild hair of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens.)
Amazing in a way how watching a television show for ten years and seeing that image had me conditioned.