Community asks: What Exactly Is Normal?

Tonight featured the return of Community and our gang from Greendale.  Overall the episode was alright, nothing spectacularly brilliant, but amusing overall.

Above is an image of the door to the Dreamatorium in Ahbed and Troy's apartment.  There were several references to Inspector Spacetime through the episode, including the poster in the upper right hand corner.  I always enjoy Community's not so subtle nods to Doctor Who, and as many am looking forward to the upcoming Inspector Spacetime webisodes.

Though the way they framed the door in that scene, I could not help but think of the IT Crowd and The Red Door.

The other day I discovered that the long awaited three part season for the new Dirk Gently had already started airing in the UK, so I am hoping to watch the first two episodes some time soon.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show from last year, and felt that it captured most of the essence of the book.  Of course nothing could ever be as good as the books, but what is?