Ancient Civilizations and the Past

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Here is an article about the ancient ruler of Peru, Naymlap who arrived in the area on a boat, with an entourage, and was known to wear feathered shirts. This is interesting because it harkens back to many ancient legends worldwide of an older civilization that existed who commonly wore feathered apparel. If you would like to research this more, I would recommenced reading From the Ashes of Angels by Andrew Collins.
Archaeologist investigates legend of mythical ruler of ancient Peru...

It is not difficult to consider the possibility that there were civilizations thousands of years ago who may have been far more advanced than the simple tool wielding primitives that are so commonly put forth.  It is also easy to see why such ideas are difficult for the mainstream to accept, even if there is evidence to the contrary of what is commonly believed.

And yes, I will again quote R.A. Wilson's 'belief is the death of intelligence', as it is a great concept to consider.   I will need to track it down, but he also had a great explanation in one of his books describing the process in science of how it takes a generation for radical new ideas to actually become accepted.   After all, when I was a kid there was no possible way that the Vikings made it to North America before Christopher Columbus.  How many points of view of history have changed in just the past two decades?

After all, we have around 5000 years ago, worldwide many ancient civilizations who suddenly start using advanced ideas of mathematics, cultivation, and building.  It would not be beyond speculation that perhaps there was a group of people from a previous era that had advanced knowledge and started to share it with the various tribes of mankind.

If you have ever visited a place that has been abandoned, even in recent years, it can easily be seen how quickly nature can start to reclaim the land.  Almost anything except stone fades into the wild after just a few decades, and if you consider the possibility of thousands of years, perhaps the only remains we might have of a previous advanced civilization would be the stone remnants of places like Puma Punku, Göbekli Tepe, or the underground cities off Cappadocia.

It is something to at least consider.