Cyberbrain + Facebook/Twitter = FailBrain?

I have recently been doing some research into neurology, cybernetics and other such subjects.  Tonight a most horrible, disturbing thought came to mind.

Let us imagine technology moves forward and our future ends up quite similar to Ghost in the Shell (SAC TV series).  Now on the surface this is amazingly cool, then I started thinking about people and this popped into my head:

Cyberbrains + Facebook or Twitter = ???

Let us say in the future cyberbrains have become common.  And then you factor in current usage of these two social media sites.

There you are, trying to discuss something in a meeting, and you notice a few individuals staring off into space and drooling as they tend to things in their 3D immersive Farmville.

Or you are trying to read a good book, and alerts keep popping up in your cybernetic eyes:  lol m eting PBJ 4 lunch.

My non-cybernetic brain hurts at these thoughts.