Heinlein's Cryogenic Time Traveling Engineer

I actually read The Door Into Summer a while back, but had not posted about it.  Now that I just got a copy of Crichton's Timeline, I started thinking back about the story of The Door Into Summer and realized that it was a fun little story.

Written by Heinlein in 1956, the story is about an inventor who lives in 1970, who gets his business jacked by his (soon to be ex) fiance and his partner.  The two of them force him out of the corporation.

The story focuses on DB Davis, and his pet cat Pete who is a character unto himself.  In essence the story is about how he gets screwed out of his company, decides to get cryogenically frozen for 30 years, wakes up in the year 2000 to find that somebody else had started an alternate company with inventions he thought of, and so he travels back in time to try and sort it out.

The main character DB is definitely not the normal Heinlein lead, as he is a thirty-something designer and not the usual swashbuckling sci-fi hero we usually see in his stories.  And, well, like I said, the book was rather enjoyable in a timey-wimey kind of way.

The title of the book comes from his cat Pete who, during winter, would go to every door in the house to look outside at the snow, sure that one of them led to the door into summer.

And though it is a quick read, I would definitely reccomend it to anybody who is a sci-fi fan.