Blog vs. Stream: Instant Gratification or Insight on How We Process Information Now?

Back in the ancient times of the Internets (late 1990's) my friends and I all had Livejournal accounts and the term blog was just starting to be bandied about online.  Back then we would freely post about life, our jobs, and anything else that came to mind with little worry that an employer or relative would ever stumble across our online musings.

And yes, though I do have this blog, in a way it feels somewhat dated.  Like using email.

When I do have time to sit down and ponder at length, it is rewarding to type up something on the blog, do various research, and such.

Now that I have been using Google+ for a while I have found that I rather like it.  They call the constant assault of feeds the Stream if I remember right.  The other day I was talking to somebody on the other side of the table here at [insert big name coffee chain here] and we got onto the topic of how +1ing an article and jotting down your thoughts on it was kind of like a modern version of the old free-writing technique.

Instead of just staring at a blank piece of paper or Libre Office page of whiteness, as I am going through the various web sites that I like to hit on a daily basis I can just click a button and type what I am thinking of.

All the articles that I do +1 are just ones that I am interested in.  The fact that other people on G+ will occasionally +1 or comment is rather nifty.

At present, Google+ is still struggling to find its identity in a world currently dominated by Facebook and Twitter.  Like all things it is evolving, and who knows what changes may come in the near future.

So what do you think?  Is blogging an antiquated notion now, one that will hold fond memories of the 'old days' like CDs?