You really do not own files stored in the Cloud

Thanks to the proliferation of always being connected to the internet via our mobile devices and computers, the use of cloud storage (DropBox, Drive, etc.) for our documents and other important files is just a click away.

Yet most people are not aware of the security risks, or the fact that there is no guarantee that your information will remain online — or safe from unsavory individuals and governments.

Take for example what transpired with MegaUpload.  Due to complaints by some organizations who have fantastically huge funds for their lobbyists, every single server for the company was seized under the pretext that there may be some customers who might have broken the law.

While most news organizations focused almost exclusively on the copyright aspect of MegaUpload being taken down, there were thousands of legitimate users whose data just disappeared.  From schools storing photographs online to companies saving files necessary for their day to day business.

In Australia, people are being warned, yet it is something all of us should consider no matter where we live:
Cyber risks for those with heads in the cloud
Australian home computer users and businesses are being warned to consider more closely the risks associated with cloud computing, as well as its many advantages...