An Experiment in G+ Posts

Well, this is a test to see if I can get any of my Google+ Posts showing on here:

This is your Northern Lights on LSD a Solar Flare.
Solar Storm Paints Stunning Northern Lights: Big Pic : Discovery News
"No words can describe the experience of the Northern Lights show tonight," said the Icelandic man who took this photo.

I would say that we, as introverts, should unite. But we do not talk to each other.
Dana Zemack has been making stick figure comics since she was 12. This week, she made one just for us. This week I had the pleasure of watching a beautiful TED talk by Susan Cain called The Power of I...

Just watched this weeks episode of The Soup and caught the new trailer for Community which returns next week. Well, in this reality. Please don't roll the die...
Get a sneak peek at the brand new episodes of Community in the first trailer for the "Greendale Seven." What did we spy? Evil Abed, an Inspector Spacetime outfit, and one fully functioning Dreamatoriu...
Great idea, all those photos, even though we know that Angel has been working secretly for years undercover as an FBI agent with a renowned Forensic Anthropologist while he continues to fight Wolfram and Heart, amongst other baddies.
What happens to TV characters after their shows are canceled? With a cardboard cutout of Buffy's second-greatest vampire with a soul and a little creativity, the Tumblr "Angel does stuff..."

This new game (Windows only) uses the concept of manufactured memories, which reminded me of a 2001 psychological experiment where people remembered seeing Bugs Bunny at Disneyland. [[ ]]
The gateway to the mind, the self, who you are, what you believe in—the most complex structure in the universe, allegedly—is resting on your shoulders.

Being a PC Gamer (and before that Amiga and C=64 gaming) I came late to the console gaming world and started with FFX. Then again, back then, I thought it odd that console games before that time did not have voice actors. Let the debate begin:
When people talk Japanese roleplaying games, there's one question that comes up quite a bit: Which is the best Final Fantasy? Plenty of JRPG fans have wasted hours debating this question, each making ...

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