A Wormhole Ate My Baby

Well this was a rather nice surprise.  In perusing the Internets I discovered that the new season of Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole had just started it's third season.

Interesting note:  Anything you read while looking at his image, you will hear in Freeman's voice.  There is a meme for that somewhere, unfortunately I am unable to find it right now.  Found it!

The episode was titled something along the lines of 'would we survive an alien encounter', yet after a brief talk at the beginning on how most intelligent aliens would be predators like the Human species they kind of side tracked into decoding languages, specifically Dolphins.

Then they had an interesting bit that has been discussed before, about how short Humans have really been around in relation to the Earth, and that it might be possible that if another species did visit long ago they encoded information in our DNA.  Here is an article about Genomic SETI.

Well, have to take off, my source of wifi is closing...