Walking Dead - Better Angels (Daryl followup)

Second off:  ***SPOILER ALERT***  This post has more information about episode 12 "Better Angels" which aired on 2012-03-11.  So if you have not seen the episode, please skip...

After I had finished yesterdays post I was running through the episode in my head when I was struck by Daryl's sudden shift within the group after he did the heavy lifting by putting Dale down last week.

Since the reveal of Sophia he has been estranged from the group, off on the outskirts of the camp, over-hunting rabbits in a most cathartic manner and generally lashing out to anybody who reached out to him.

Last weeks episode of Talking Dead, Chris and his guests discussed whether Daryl was becoming the enforcer in the group, especially with Shane's sanity slowly drifting away.  And we got our answer in this episode.

Personally I still think Daryl is the best character on the show.  When Rick asks him (regarding letting Randal go) if he is good with all this, Daryl's response: "I don't see you and I trading haymakers on the side of the road.  Nobody'd win that fight," seemed a combination of:  1. We are not best buds, 2. We are equals, and 3. I'm not the leader type, so you're the boss.

Also, his sudden, "I gotta take a piss," when Shane drove up spoke volumes.

Of all the characters this season, and with all the messed up situations that would give even the most stable person PTSD, I think that Daryl has had the most evolution in the series.

Dale dying was sad, it was like the last bit of their humanity/conscious had passed away.

Shane getting shanked then headshot in that father/son combo had pretty much become inevitable.

If Daryl ever dies I think there will be riots in the parking lot of AMC headqauarters.

What do you think?