The Walking Dead - Better Angels

Chris Hardwick hosting Talking Dead
First off:   ***SPOILER ALERT***  If you have not watched yesterdays episode, Better Angels, then skip this post.

I will have to admit that the first part of season two of The Walking Dead dragged for me.  "Oh joy!  Another episode of them wandering around looking for Sophia!"

Then after the barn reveal left us hanging they came back strong, with writing and character development, plus some twists that I could not have seen coming.  In a previous episode of Talking Dead (hosted by acclaimed Nerdist Chris Hardwick) one of the guests mentioned the show slowly entering realms occupied by such classics as BSG.  Though not quite there yet, I think Walking Dead is definitely forging new ground in that direction.

This weeks episode, second to the last before next weeks season finale, had a lot to deal with.  From Dale's death, to Carl blaming himself, the group dealing with all of this, and Shane finally losing what few loose screws had been holding his sanity in place.

This final scene was not surprising in the setup.  You could tell the way Rick was keeping Shane in front of him, combined with his questions, that he suspected something was up.  He must have suspected from the start, otherwise why would he have had Glen and Daryl pair up at the beginning of the search?

On the Talking Dead, Lauren Cohen (Maggie) brought up a good point.  That the way he was taunting Rick, perhaps Shane had actually brought him out to the field so that Rick would kill him.  Which in a way makes sense.  The group cannot have two alpha dogs, Shane will not back down, and after the talk earlier with Lori he knows that he cannot have what he wants most.  You could see the conflict in him--part of Shane had convinced himself that killing Rick was the right thing to do, and the other part of him wanting Rick to end his misery.

But that final moment, with Rick handing over his pistol, then stabbing Shane in the heart?  Daaaamn...

And now, aside from Carl growing a set and putting Walker Shane down, we have the issue that the two guards a few episodes back (no bites), Randal, and Shane died but came back as Walkers.  Has the virus mutated and not only become airborn, but now has the ability to infect the living but it only turns you into a Walker when you die?

Or is it something more?  Randal seemed a bit off when describing the rape of the girls last episode.  And Shane's slow departure from humanity also, could they be symptoms of this new mutated strain?

Perhaps we will find out next week on the finale.  But knowing them, it will probably be some mind-bending cliff hanger and we will have to wait until this fall to find out.