Chrome: Remove Most Visited From New Tab (revert it back)

The other day when I hit Ctrl-T in Chrome I was greeted with a new page that actually reminded me more of a poorly designed web site from the 1990s than the sleekness that I usually associate with Google's browser.

And judging by the sheer number of posts from unhappy users, I knew I was not alone in my dislike of having my most recent web sites showing up on a newly tabbed page.

Thankfully, though, one helpful user posted how to revert your new tabs back to how they looked before (without having to use the often mentioned New Tabs Redirect extension).

Open up Chrome and enter the following into your omnibox:
 You will see the following (click to enlarge):

Just click on the drop-down menu and select Disabled.

Now make sure to click the Restart button in the bottom left of your browser for the changes to take effect.
And there you have it.  Now when you open a new tab you will see your old new tab page instead of that bulky monstrosity.

Thanks to Mega Zone for posting this solution on the Google product forums.