Random thoughts on encoded DNA messages

So after the recent episode of Throught the Wormhole I was pondering the Genomic SETI research and thinking about the possiblity that there are messages encoded in our DNA.  Here are some basic thoughts:
  • Math, primarily, is a univeral language
  • All spoken and written languages can be defined as such due to the mathematical patterns they create.
  • What if the coding in Human DNA is such that currently is it just beyond what we can detect right now?  Perhaps there is a branch of Mathematics or Quantum Physics that has yet to be discovered that could shed new light and show the pattern hidden within?
  • Or, what if there is purposefully no pattern at all?  Something deliberately created so that there is no repeating pattern like Pi?
There are, of course, many other aspects of this to consider also.  The failures to use retrovirus' for healing, or the current scientific inquiry into whether such diseases as Multiple Sclerosis manifest due to ancient virus long rendered in our DNA.

Then if we approach this from the idea that an Ancient Race did come to earth and modify the existing DNA of existing hominids of the time, as discussed in regards to the ancient Sumerian myths proposed by Ancient Alien researchers.  Could there be evidence that such manipulation did occur, and how exactly could we detect it.

Or perhaps it was all random, or some higher force at work.